Thursday, October 9, 2014

Best Essay Services Reviews

As thousands of other people aged 18 to 21 (mostly) and older, I am a student of a rather respectable university with a loud name and many zeroes in a tuition bill. Like hundreds of other students, I often get desperate over an imaginary stack of papers heaving on my desk. Why imaginary? Because I still have to write them. There are a few for next week, next month and next year. Then there is a thesis. I remember this sickening feeling of desperation and I also remember how I chose my first essay writing service. I did it without any consideration and consult, and was extremely lucky to receive a paper after all. Now, I decided to share my experience of using writing services and be there for you like I wish someone were there for me. Here are top five of the companies I use on a regular basis.


This is definitely my favorite. Over the years, they won my admiration and loyalty by their work speed and utmost respect to customers. I’ve tried other services, but only here I felt as though they have been waiting for me to come for years. Don’t get me wrong, I am not some self-centered freak, I just like it when people listen to you and simply do their work well.

I use this one when I am in a hurry and have to get my paper fast. They provide a perfect balance of speed and quality. No, you probably shouldn’t use their services for your super important, state-of-the-art-to-be final paper, but you can surely do so if there is a hard research paper to submit in a couple of days and you can’t afford getting less than a B. In this case you can be sure they won’t fail you.

As I have already mentioned, I like the human aspect of their work best of all. Probably, there are not so many employees, but those who work for them are extremely nice and polite. I have never heard a rude word from anyone – support operators, administrators or writing experts. Simply no one. Not that I tried to be rude to them, of course, but in our bad-mannered world this is something to point out.

Now that I keep writing, it occurred to me that you might have thought there are not enough writers to service every customer. While this situation is possible, I have never encountered this problem in my life. And I used them plenty of times, mind you. Only once I had to wait for half an hour to get a writer assigned. That’s the most of the delay I have ever experienced. In all other respects, it happened very quickly – I placed my order, paid for it and had it done in a couple of hours or sometimes days. Not even once did they disappoint me. No, I didn’t expect papers to be genuine masterpieces, but I needed them to be good. And they were. Since the first time I found them, I keep them in my arsenal as a means to tackle urgent yet important assignments.


You haven’t lived if you didn’t use this one. A little bit of exaggeration, of course, but they do deserve to be praised. The only reason that put them after is that they are more about quality rather than urgency, which is often a considerable flaw for writing companies.

Anyways, I use them for large papers I can’t fail. I was na├»ve the first time I did it and heedlessly waited until the last possible moment. That cost me dear, but I couldn’t deny the paper was good, brilliant even. I have learnt my lesson and started to order well in advance. I can’t say it got as cheap as some other services, but I also wasn’t being ripped off.

By ‘large and important’ papers I mean dissertations and the like. No one prevents you from getting an essay from here, of course, but you can as well do it at another, less costly service. This one is like a very expensive pair of shoes you will wear only for special occasions, resorting to cheaper ones in everyday use.

If I scared you off by this price talk, do not hurry up to give up on this service. Better take a closer look. You can get yourself a nice deal by using all sorts of discounts. For starters, you can get 15% off your first order, and when you become a loyal customer, there are other delicious things as well.

All in all, I like these guys for their ability to deliver top-notch work whenever you ask them to. They are simply brilliant!


This is probably the best of the new ones. It is only a couple of months old, but it has already won me. You see, the secret of using a certain essay writing service to your benefit is knowing its strong and weak sides. While one of them is good for science papers, the other aces assignments in arts, and yet another one can be a convenient instrument for less common areas. also has its niche. As they are a young team eager to explore, I use them for various creative assignments where it is necessary to find a new approach, another perspective or a fresh angle. I have started by ordering an assignment in creative writing and took the hint at once. They are not as good with research papers as they are with descriptive assignments, articles and other papers that appeal to your imagination and ability to see what others don’t.

I also like their prices. As they are not an old and respected company, they can’t afford charging too much. That’s why getting paper there is always a treat and never a threat to your funds. Once I have learnt about their discounts, it got even better.

The range of papers provided is not very wide yet, but they are obviously working on it, and as I can see new ones are added almost every day. Same thing with subjects. I also like that they have a fresh view on what students need in terms of papers variety and deliver not only regular assignments, but also PowerPoint presentations, various projects, Math problems and so on.

They are not as fast as some other writing services, but I don’t think it spoils them a lot. They do work quite fast, and you won’t have problems with getting your assignment in a couple of days. However, if the deadline is tonight, they might not be able to help. As I always say – do not let yourself procrastinate! If you miss the right time to order your paper, it will be much more stressful and costly, and there is no guarantee someone will take up writing it at all. So, make sure you have plenty of time in advance.


This is where you should go when you are in a hurry. Their motto is “We’re running ahead of time” and they sign under each word. I was lucky enough to discover them some time ago and since then use them regularly to deal with urgent assignments. I remember the first time I ordered a paper there. It was a biology paper, and though I always recommend to start early, I myself fail to do so sometimes. I completely forgot about this one and had to act quickly. I literally Googled “essay on the same day” and found these guys. ‘What the hell!’ I decided and went for it. The paper was indeed ready on the very same day, and I couldn’t complain about its quality. I could’ve used revisions and make it perfect I think, but there was no time for it, and I decided B was fine with me.

I would also like to say a few words about their writers. Although I didn’t have the chance to do so when I ordered for the first time, after I started contacting my assigned writers and control the work they were doing (provided I had time, of course). I was utterly amazed that none of them was the least bit condescending or indifferent to what I wanted. I guess they just choose the right people who love what they are doing.

Anyway, each time I wanted to see outlines and drafts, and they never failed me. I could give my recommendations and require things to be improved, and they did so without any complaints or delays. I even requested a revision for a couple of times. Don’t get me wrong, the papers were alright, I just needed them to be outstanding. Together we managed to fix everything I didn’t like, I submitted them and never got less than a B.


This one is best for science papers. For some reason, they have a very strong team of writers for science assignments, although others are not bad as well.

They also lured me with discounts. There are 20% off for the first order, distributed as 10% of an instant discount and 10% to your credit balance. By the way, they have a great referral program where you get points for bringing friends. I did it and paid less for my next order.

Their prices are acceptable I would say. For instance, a high school essay will cost you 45 bucks if you need it in three hours and only 18 if you can wait longer than a week. As you see, the difference in price is significant. Again – and I can’t stress it more – do not wait long until the deadline is looming too close, order as soon as you can.

I also like the swiftness of Everything happens so quickly. You place your order, pay and have a writer assigned in only a few minutes. That’s amazing! And they have a great writers’ team, too, with degree holders and simply talented people.

To sum up, they’re one of the best, otherwise, I wouldn’t list them here.

That’s it, these are my best five, and I would not change them for anyone. If you wonder why I didn’t choose one that would work for everyone and everything, that’s just because there are no such services. If you don’t believe me now, you will see it yourself, but it is way cheaper to learn from someone else’s mistakes rather than yours. At first I tried to do it, too, but soon realized that no writing company is universal. They have their strong and weak sides, and your goal is to identify them and use to your benefit. Trust me, this is the strategy I developed for myself and shared with you.

I hope my review was helpful, and you now have some information to make your own selection of writing services. I wish you good luck with that. And remember – you are the one who can turn years of studying into a very pleasant journey.